Somebody’s Got it right…

I watched a YouTube video yesterday about Japan holding the oldest population for people born in the 19th century. People as old as 106 years old or older. What is their secret?

Well, to no surprise diet plays a major role in this process. Though they eat meat and fish, small portions are a big part of their diet. Unlike the Western Diet, where portion control is out of control.

Story Time…

For our 3rd Wedding Anniversary I took my wife to a fancy restaurant in Williamsburg VA. I ordered the tomato soup, (which came in s 1.5 inch bowl). When proceeding to eat the soup I noticed the bowl had about a half inch soup in the bowl. I remember complaining slightly, because I was not used to the portion size. The dish that followed was the salad then the main course (cat-fish, Both small portions). By the time the meal was completed, we were fully satisfied with what we had.

When the soup was served I immediately thought where is the rest of the soup before even tasting it. Much like, salting your food that someone else prepared before tasting it. The soup was extremely delicious and satisfying.

The Japanese eat smaller portion sizes and live to be over the age of 100 years or better. They also do not retire from work, rather they maintain an active lifestyle of Gardening, Tai Chi, and other various activities that keep them active in there communities. The population of Japanese people over 100 range between 2 million people.

One of their staple foods is Tofu, (which they make by hand), can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They also eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and lean meats.

Since this is a Plant Based Diet Blog, I’m not saying we should start eating meat in small portions. Especially here where the animals are treated horribly, and the meat has been tainted with chemicals and toxins. Which is causing a lot of our health issues like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Aside from the Toxins and the Chemicals, Overindulgence has always been one of the Western Worlds major downfall. We consume too much food at one time. All of our holidays and sporting events are designed around food. I understand that food brings people together, just like that next person, but overindulgence of food can also separate us from each other also.

It’s clear the the Japanese are doing something right. I’m going to try and monitor my portion sizes and exercise more. Let’s take a lesson from them and take it out Plant Based Diet to a whole new level with portion control.

Eat when we are hungry and not because it’s time to eat…

Who knows, the Plant Based Diet May be equivalent to the Japanese some day.

Until Next time…

Be encouraged, as you encourage others 😀

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