Don’t Tell Me…

As children and adults, Lets face it.  We don’t want to be told what to eat.  Ironically, when it becomes a health issue we know we need to scale back on the foods that are not good for us. We were told as children to eat our fruits and vegetables so we can grow up to be big and strong.

When we were growing up this was the only Popeye we knew.  (Not to be confused with the Louisiana Fried Chicken Place). We ate spinach with our meals because we wanted to be more like Popeye.  Strong to the finish, cause me eat me spinach…


In the teenage-mid-twenties years we think we are invincible and can eat whatever we want.  As we age, we proceed to make an effort to try and change our habits after going to the doctor who tells us ironically, what we should and shouldn’t be eating. The doctor even goes as far (or at least supposed to) as telling you that if you continue down this path of poor food choices you are sentencing yourself to bad health. We are starting to see some great changes in the doctor patient relationships.  There are doctors who are strongly suggesting to their patients a Whole Food Plant Based Diet.  (This does not mean you have to shop at Whole Foods lol…).  This just means you are eating living foods, that at one point was a seed that was planted and produced fruit/vegetables.  These fruits.vegetables grew seeds and were replanted and re-produce more fruits and vegetables, and the cycle goes on and on…  Of course our Plant Based Diet consists of more than just fruits and vegetables.  There are grains, nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes to add to that list as well.

It is clear that the “foods” with expiration dates on them are mark because they have a set time of shelf life.  These items have preservatives in them to lengthen the shelf life, giving the item the ability last longer for the consumer.

Lets compare this to the expiration date of fruits and vegetables.

A tomato starts out after picked, firm and ready to eat.  After about a week you feel the tomato and its a little squishy.  The next step is white stops to tell you the tomato is going bad, followed by more stops, and eventually it becomes compost.

The breakdown last about a month or so, (depending on how ripe the tomato, and if any pesticides were used).  The point is, notice there is a process that you can clearly see when this takes place and the skin of the fruit is the packaging it comes in.

In the end, we need to be told what we can and cannot eat, because it is detriment to our health that we do. Our bodies were designed (by God) to heal themselves.  With the right nutrients and foods that He (God) put here on the earth in their natural state (not tampered with or added to, as if He needed our help). But the way they were intended, can heal the body, by simply consuming what is good for the body.  Which in turn can also be good for the mind, body and soul as well.

Be strong to the finish, by eating your spinach, Popeye the sailor man lol…

Be encouraged, as you encourage others.


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