Let’s Talk School Lunch

Today I met a Superstar, who promotes healthy food options for students in public schools, which I think is awesome.😀

If we think back years ago, lunch lady’s, hair nets, mashed potato scoopers. ( Wow it’s all coming back to me now) lol…

The schools have a certain budget to work work with and can only do so much with what they have.

I saw a video where in China the kids actually help make the lunch. I’m sure there is s set group or the kids take turns serving like nah to their classmates.

There are other countries even adopting a Plant Based Diet in schools as well. Teaching kids about the importance of nutrition and how it plays a major role in their lives.

Schools of course can have the proper nutrition during school hours, but it starts at home. Most young parents are used to packing their kids lunch with Soda, Doritos, and the like, or even cupcakes. Perhaps if we start educating our children at home as well as taking the responsibility incorporate fruits and vegetables into our daily eating habits.

On a side note, I do know that there are kids who have nothing to eat at home, and their only option is to eat at school. This is why places like Feed More exist. If only we can get better options for kids, besides packaged foods. Perhaps partnering with local farms and distributing local fruits and vegetables.

The big picture is helping people to understand the importance of nutrition, so they can steer clear from chronic health issues later in life.

Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer are taking the lives of so many people. We do have a part to play in this fight for health. Choosing a Plant Based Diet can be life changing if you let it.

Until Next Time…

Be encouraged, as you encourage others😀

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