Fasting, now that’s a scary word…

When sickness and disease enter our bodies from the toxins in the “food” we eat it causes us to be sluggish, lethargic and just plain wiped out. One of the ways we can release these toxins is through fasting.

This is hard for most people, as we are used to consuming enormous amounts of food. Fasting from food cleanses your body and gives it a hard reset. Our bodies are made in a way that if we actually give our digestive system a break long enough our bodies can in fact heal themselves. We won’t need to rely on modern medication as much (if not at all).

When fasting from food for a day, I would not go right back into eating big meals, but something light, like fruits (watermelon is my fruit of choice. Especially if you are fasting for more than one day.

There are several ways we can Fast from food.

  • Complete Fast
  • Half day Fast
  • Juice Fast (Homemade Juice is best)

The point is to release the toxins so that your digestive system has a chance to reset.

I typically fast on Wednesdays, and my fasts do vary. So, pick a day or two to release the toxins and get back to your old self.

P.S. Fasting from Social Media for a day or two is not a bad idea either. Having an meaningful conversation with someone you know and love helps with so much also. But s topic for another day…

Be encouraged, as you encourage others.😀

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