People have their reasons

After a conversation with a stranger I realized that many people have their reasons for not wanting to eat healthy.

I’ve heard many reasons such as;

  • Change is hard
  • What if I don’t like it?
  • I can’t do it
  • It’s the way my parents did it…

We are so used to doing the same thing and resist change as much as we possibly can. My question is how do we get beyond the fear of change?

As we all know change is inevitable. The environment is changing, people change careers, clothes, people themselves change. To get past this fear we have to start somewhere.

Some start small by making a small change and that is a step in the right direction. Others embrace change and they are willing to do whatever it takes, which is still step in the right direction.

The idea is, whichever you do a change must be made. Our health is one of the most important things we have in this life.

Eating a Plant Based Diet can give you many beautiful benefits. Even if you start by reducing the amount of meat and dairy you consume and increase the your fruit and vegetable intake. You are not only helping yourself, but contributing to our environmentally as well.

Be encouraged to change and help someone else along as well.

Published by Plant Based Power

Hello I am a Plant Based Blogger that loves to meet new people. I enjoy hearing others successful health stories after switching to a Plant Based diet. I have been Plant Based for about 2 year and enjoying trying new foods and being creative. Please check out My Story...

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