Big Pharma Mixing Potions.

As we look at the Big Pharmaceutical companies that push legal drugs to people dealing with health issues like diabetes and cancer. We have to at least take a look what is being mixed into these potions to make the drugs. I actually met a lab technician today who mixes the ingredients for certain drugs the hospital uses for their patients.

In some instances the technicians have to wear hazmat suits to protect themselves from the chemicals mixed with the natural ingredients, like turmeric. If the wrong chemicals are mixed it can cause harm or even an explosion.

Now, let’s think about this from a logical standpoint. Re-cap

  • The Technician has to wear a hazmat suit to to work with chemicals like…

Click the link below,

List of all Hazardous Chemicals used in Hospitals

Click to access HazDrugListWcriteria.pdf

  • These chemicals are them used in the same medications deemed “safe” for us to consume providing the dosage.
  • There is a great chance of also getting addicted to this drug,which is revenue for the Pharmaceutical industry.

I say all this to ask, what about the food? Can the foods that we consume play a role in our heath? Of course, if not contaminated with pesticides like roundup that are causing health issues and making people sick.

By changing what we eat, we have the ability to turn off those genes that can cause diseases like some cancers, diabetes and heart disease.

Reducing your Meat and Dairy consumption, and increasing your Fruit & Vegetables decrease the risk of contracting disease, like diabetes and cancer.

A Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle have beautiful benefits to it.

  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased focus
  • No Sluggish Feeling
  • Ready to take on physical, ie sports, exercise…

And so many more benefits..

Here are some meat replacements

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