Big Pharma Wow…

What are we really up against here?

I actually met a person today who works for the Big Pharma, in the Drug industry. This person is/was trying to transition in Botox industry. Apparently there is a company who came up with a less expensive way to look younger and will charge its customers 40% less.

There are also pills you someone invented that you can take to loose weight fast, and eat whatever you want. Lastly I am noticing especially where I live a lot more hospital facilities are being built. These are being built to house those who have not woken up yet from the Big Pharma Drug Epidemic.

Instant gratification has always been an issue, as there is nothing new under the sun, moon and stars…

I am not only disappointed and shocked, but horrified at all of this. I understand we need to make money to support our families, but when for the rich, when will enough be enough?

Not to say anything is wrong with making money, because it’s a necessary evil in this world. But I say never at the expense of someone else’s life. Humanity has been Big Pharma’s pin cushion for decades.

For those who are awake please help to educate those who aren’t. We have lost and will continue to lose those we love if we chose not to make a decision and get smarter about our health. As Health Coaches, If we can make a difference in the lives of one person it is worth the effort.

Until Next time

Take care of yourself and each other…😀

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