Depression is as real as you and I. Did you know that depression is also tied to the foods we eat and the lack of exercise we choose not to do? Cashews make a good anti-depressant.

Cashews have between. 1.000 and 2.000 mg of tryptophan. Which has been proven to be as equally successful as prescription drugs, minus the side effects.

Here’s a link I found.

Are Two Handfuls of Cashews Equivalent to a Dose of Prozac for Depression?

With the side effects of prescription drugs like Prozac, it’ more beneficial to eat something that has nutrients your body needs for fuel.

As I stated in the beginning, depression is a real thing, but if we just take a moment to look around for other alternatives medicines that can heal our bodies, the better off we will be.

If you or someone you know is dealing with depression, give them the gift of cashews. If I had to choose I would obviously get organic and raw as that is the most natural state they come in. This is what the cashew fruit looks like. (I wonder how the fruit tastes).

Looks like an apple doesn’t it? And ironically the cashew in the middle kind of looks like it has a mean face on it…lol

I am prescribing Raw Organic Cashews, to any one I know who is depressed.

Be encouraged and take care of yourselves and each other…😀

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Hello I am a Plant Based Blogger that loves to meet new people. I enjoy hearing others successful health stories after switching to a Plant Based diet. I have been Plant Based for about 2 year and enjoying trying new foods and being creative. Please check out My Story...

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