How deep the lies are…

Who told you, you only have McDonald’s and Burger King to choose from?

Who told you that Popeyes and KFC are the Bees Knees?

When we stop and think about these places, we have to remember the harm they are have caused and are still causing to people.

The numbers show places like Jen Care are filled with people dealing with so many health issues that are unaware of the power they have to take back the reigns of their lives by changing what they eat.

We need to go back to the days before processed foods and microwaves. Our grandparents and great grandparents were right where they grew their own vegetables and made their own food.

Of course it’s easier to go to these places, and buy food. People are busy, I get it, but we have to educate people about what harm processed foods are doing to us. Especially to people who are dealing with health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and the like.

We have a responsibility to help people who don’t know the power they have to take back their life.

Be Blessed😀

Published by Plant Based Power

Hello I am a Plant Based Blogger that loves to meet new people. I enjoy hearing others successful health stories after switching to a Plant Based diet. I have been Plant Based for about 2 year and enjoying trying new foods and being creative. Please check out My Story...

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