Do we need meat?

This is a question that has been asked lately, (at least by the people I come across). Today I had a discussion with a person who insisted that there are some people who have to have meat and can’t live on a Plant Based Lifestyle.

Her basis was of course one person she knew who was Plant Based and was getting sick from eating Fruits, Vegetables and the like. She went back to her doctor, which told her she needs to start eating meat again. I see this as a rare case, but the majority can handle eating a Plant Based Lifestyle with no issues.

My take on this is very simple. If your body craves animal protein than eat animal protein, otherwise don’t.

Trying to start a discussion about this, wanted to hear what you thought about this.

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Hello I am a Plant Based Blogger that loves to meet new people. I enjoy hearing others successful health stories after switching to a Plant Based diet. I have been Plant Based for about 2 year and enjoying trying new foods and being creative. Please check out My Story...

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