The Simple Life…

It’s seems we are too far gone to get back to the simple life; Agriculture. Growing your own food and raising your own animals. Though hard work, this life has a more meaningful sense of worth.

I met someone today, who is moving to North Carolina, to a community where they don’t use money as all, but rather use the barter system.

This sounds like a wonderful concept, however this would have to be done with people you can trust and also like to at least some existent. After all, you are neighbors to this person. They are indebted to you as they will be indebted to them. The idea is to build trusted relationships with people whom you can trust to stick to the bartering system. Otherwise it will not work.

Agriculturally Speaking this is a great idea, and if done correctly can make a world of difference. The drawback to this is of course, when stuff does hit the fan. The people who chose not to prepare they will try and come for what you have.

Growing your own vegetables and raising your own animals, to me is the way to go.

Little House on the Prairie…

Of course aside from the fact they didn’t live as long. I’ll take the simple life.

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