The Next Best Craze…

Restaurants are jumping on the Bandwagon with this Plant Based Initiative. Though I understand the point in trying to cater to Vegans/Plant Based People, however could this be doing possibly more harm than good?

Let’s compare Shall we?

Regular Boxed Processed foods vs Vegan Processed food.

Regular Boxed first

  • High in Sodium
  • High Calorie Count
  • Typically heated in a microwave, and then served.

Vegan Processed Foods.

  • A little lower in Sodium (depends on what)
  • Still Processed

This option may be a little better for you, but still Processed.

The Plant Based Initiative is to get people to reduce or eliminate their meat and dairy intake, and increase their fruit, vegetables and water intake.

I understand the latest craze, of Veganism but we have to be smarter about this. This food is grown in a laboratory so we do have to be careful with what we’re eating as far as vegan products.

The best practice is to each the Whole Plant Based Foods.

Stay off the craze train…

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