Long time, No Post

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted… Hopefully everyone is doing well. I’ve been working hard on a few things, and haven’t made the time to keep up. I am currently pursuing my Personal Training/Nutritionist Certification, to make this thing official.

I’ve also been working on an inspirational/gospel album as well. The first single has been out almost a year and seems to be doing well. Please check it our and support me as I finish this project. Instagram handle is michaelro76 the first single is on there. You can find it on iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube…

My second release is hopefully going to drop next week. Just watch out on Instagram for it…

So back to health topic. Hope you are motivated now more than ever to pursue a healthier lifestyle, as our live literally depends on it. Please listen most importantly to your body. If you need rest, well rest… if you need to exercise than do so.

Let’s Build endurance and strength by not giving on ourselves or each other.

Be blessed and we’ll talk soon

Published by Plant Based Power

Hello I am a Plant Based Blogger that loves to meet new people. I enjoy hearing others successful health stories after switching to a Plant Based diet. I have been Plant Based for about 2 year and enjoying trying new foods and being creative. Please check out My Story...

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