Sending the wrong message

CoVid19 has attacked the immune systems and as taken the lives of so many people. (Which has been a tragic experience for so many). Big Pharma (Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson) and others are trying to cash in on this vaccine.

We have lost so many due to this horrible virus that has been released out to the world. But if we look at the big picture; The Plant Based/Vegan Community is has been trying to educate people on health and wellness for some time now. This pandemic has shown us that we have a lot of work to do. I strongly believe that a vaccine is NOT going to fix this issue. Especially if the vaccine does not cure the virus.

What will help is to educate people about the importance of making better dietary choices and getting an exercise regiment. It starts with being responsible for your own health and not just accepting defeat. Rather, putting the work into becoming a stronger healthier version of you.

Let’s build together… and Not Live in Fear…, but push forward to Faith…

Be blessed, and Healthy

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify…

When it comes to feeding ourselves the right types of foods. We often make it a lot more complex than it really has to be.

Things that are grown from the earth, rice, beans, seeds, nuts, and vegetation. These are all seeded foods grown from the earth that give us the nutrients we need. Once these are grown we are committed for the rest of our lives to eat these things. Living food helps to sustain our body’s, and keeps us in great health.

Where we lose it, is when we start eating the boxed vegan/plant-based stuff, on a consistent basis. I’m not pointing any fingers, as occasionally I do eat a plant-based burger every now and again. The point is to simplify, by eating the right kinds of foods that will help to sustain us. There are so many ingredients in these burgers, though not harmful, (just like anything else) too much is never good for you anyway.

We have to get creative when it comes to feeding ourselves, because we feel we need to substitute the meat for something. Not always, oatmeal is delicious, and sticks to your ribs…lol…

Good Riddens ,2020

A wise man told me to push forward stay the course. No matter what happens, and what you are going through. Distractions come, but remember why you started what you are doing.

2020 has been a hell of a year. This year will always be known as the year nasty people had to be told to wash their hands. The good thing about this year though, is it caused a lot of people to go back to their roots and not be afraid to follow their dreams. The sky is the limit,

Currently, I am working on a long time awaited music project. I am singer/songwriter/guitarist. I am definitely excited about this project and look forward to sharing it with people.

First single was released in September 2020…

Here is the link to the song, if you’ve not heard it yet.

In spite of all that we went through in 2020, such as, loss of loved ones, loss of a job, and loss of finances. We still have an assignment, while we are still here. I pray that Our Father helps all us to find our purpose, and not let fear get in the way of faith.

So whatever we do this year, may Our Father keep us, and may He remind us that we are His.

Until next time, Shalom…

Leading the Way

As we take a look around us with all we have going on today. COVID-19, has raised its ugly head yet again. Numbers of on the rise, and people are forced to stay put. The most aggravating about this is lives have been affected. Many have lost loved ones and not able to say a proper goodbye.

We are definitely living in some crazy times. I like most, have lots of questions when it comes to this pandemic?

Where did it really come from?

What is the solution to this problem? (Because locking everyone away for a time, does not fix the real issue, but rather prolongs it.)

What does this mean for 2021? Is this the new normal? Masks, Social Distancing..

How did we even get to this point?

I’ve heard so many conspiracies about CoVid19 and how it all came about. From population control to a source of the U.S. government’s plan to control the masses. Either way we literally seeing both unfold before our very eyes.

What does this have to do with Plant Based Power? (You ask?) I am encouraged because in all the madness, CoVid19 has caused us to at least take a look at our health, and consider some dietary changes be made to strengthen our immune system. This system is designed to compromise your immune system. If nothing else it should wake us up and get on the right track to a healthier way of living.

Here are a few tips?

Go out to eat less or not at all.

This is hard to do for some, because with work schedules and life there seems to be no time to do this. But remember, you at least know that you make and the only hands to that touched your food was yours.

Incorporate some form of exercise.

With things shutting down again, and Netflix Hulu, and TV, on the rise. All we have left to do is eat and watch TV. If you are able to get outside please do so as much as possible. Go for a walk, (especially after a meal) can help with digestion, strengthen your cardiovascular health, and build your immune system, and protect you from viruses like the flu. (Dress weather appropriately)

Pay closer attention to the labels.

Usually if it’s in a box or package, reading the content is usually a good idea. As an InstaCart shopper, all I have to say on this is (Yikes). If only you knew what people are buying more and more of it would completely blow you away.

Do something that challenges your brain.

This is something I can definitely get behind and I can honestly say even I need to do more of this. Read more. Reading can be stimulating, and helps brain function.

I actually found this article to be very helpful.

I never knew any of this, it’s so cool…

Family Game nights are also something I can get behind. Sometimes it’s ok to be the entertainment instead of being entertained.

You’d be surprised how entertaining your family can be playing Monopoly or the game of Life…

I say all this to say. Leading the Way means you should be leading the way. Becoming a better version of you daily. Don’t be afraid to change what you normally do and try something out of the ordinary. Go against the grain, and do what others don’t expect you to do.

My running Coach (Nike Run App) Coach Bennett, always say You’re a Bad Ass…lol.

To me this simply means You Got This…

Until next time…Take care of yourselves and especially care for those around us not doing so well. It’s not just about us…