What’s your passion

What’s your passion

Every day should be treated as a gift. Each time we open our eyes we should be grateful that we are still here to enjoy life on this day. That being said.

What are you most passionate about?

What drives you to get up in the morning, get dressed, and be productive?

Whatever it is. Do it to the best of your ability.

This site is about Plant Based Healthy Living. The key word for me is Living. Living with a purpose, a goal in mind, and once that goal is in your head, then get it in your heart. Draw from it, and picture yourself where you want to be. Then take steps to get to your destination.

Be encouraged, as you encourage others😀

Vegans are hateful

Recently I ran across a celebrity video about vegans can be mean and hateful and just down right rude.

As shocking as this sounds. I think that is one of the furthest statements from the truth. At least all the ones I know are not hateful at all. Placing a group of individuals in a box and marking that box as hateful is wrong. So you ran across someone who is. That does not give anyone the right to label a group of people and call them all hateful.

I personally have met a lot of nice people who happen to be vegan. Most of the people who chose to become vegan were for personal health reasons. I say all this to say, just keep in mind we cannot force our decisions on others. By being an influence we will give someone hope to try it and see if it helps their situation.

Be encouraged, as you encourage others.😀

New Beginnings

Good evening All

This is my first official blog for this site.  As my current site eat4goodhealth.net will soon be this site.   Very excited to be able to share my journey with you.

For those that don’t know my story.  My family and I made this decision to go Vegan for health reasons.  It has definitely helped us all.   Please read my story.

Whats to come for this site.

I am working on another Interview with a person I met on Facebook regarding his success in switching to a Plant Based Diet.  The amount of weight he’s lost, how much better he feels etc… Looking forward to uploading this video when it is completed. I love to hear encouraging success stories because it gives me encouragement to keep on this journey and don’t give up.

All the recipes you will see on this page have no oils.  We want to help others by getting the word out there.  So until next time…

Be encouraged as you encourage others.



Michael A. Ross Jr.